Welcome to Focism

We know Focism is right for you because we know you like getting rust in your eyes. Turn your shower into a sewer by replacing rotted out brake lines. Why aren't your forearms covered in fiberglass rash right now? Because race car. Because projects and friends and go fast little nugget.

  • Preach speed.
  • Feel the wind.
  • The wind is too hot.
  • My cool suit needs ice.
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Church of Focism Services

The life of a race track pastor is one of noir rainy shots and performing hot dog exorcism.

Pre-Race Prayers

To bless your and your neighbor's driver in safe and good driving. To ward black flags and allow for low temperatures.

Last Rides

For when your car catches fire on the way back from that 2 hour motor fetch quest. You ain't racin' pal. Put it in the ground. Last rides.


Unholy demons of rust and elecrical djinn are well known to plague racers. For the low low price of pretty pretty please a licensed paranormal pastor will be dispatched.


If say, if a circumferential incision needs to be made anywhere we would be happy to oblige.